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It’s been great to work with many churches, couples, and students. My hope is that you might get to know me better through their words:

6Speaking & Ministry Testimonials

I had the privilege of co-laboring in God’s Kingdom work with Lisa previous to her calling into pastoral ministry. I have never been so encouraged by the sensitivity and giftedness for serving Christ as I witnessed first-hand in my Sister Lisa. I would count it a great honor and blessing to serve with her in any capacity, and to enjoy and benefit from her outstanding leadership in any setting this side of heaven.
Reverend Anderson, Valley Presbyterian Church
Hazelton, ID

Thank you so much for speaking at our retreat! I have to say that in the 5 years I’ve attended a retreat, you have by far, blown all the other speakers away with your insight, clarity of presentation and topic balance. I took more notes that I will actually reference. Clearly the Holy Spirit has taken over.
Erica, Women’s Retreat Attendant
El Toro, CA

Pastor Lisa Johnson is a gifted speaker and teacher of God’s word. Lisa brings the Bible to life with depth, humor, imagination and love. I highly recommend her.
Reverend Dr. Orr, Presbyterian Church of the Master
Mission Viejo, CA

Pastor Lisa is one of the finest pastors I have ever known. She loves the Lord, is faithful and obedient to God’s Word, and is gifted in articulating a clear understanding of Scripture and her faith. She works well with people of all ages and from a variety of different backgrounds. Any ministry in which she participates will surely be enriched and blessed!
Reverend Leeth, Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church
Denver, CO

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” -Galatians 5:22-23

Pastor Lisa abounds in all of these. Then combine these fruits with her ingenuity, intelligence, creativity, compassion and a deep faith and love of God and that makes for one terrific Pastor and teacher. Pastor Lisa’s Spirit-driven ministry to the youth and the youth leaders of our church will have a resounding impact in this world and the next.

Lisa brought me in as a nervous volunteer leader with our high school youth group several years ago. With her guidance and encouragement, my wife and I have woven youth ministry into our lives and are both deeply committed to bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the kids in our community. She has shown us how God can use even us to further His kingdom. His blessings abound in our lives today more than we could have imagined, and Lisa is one of those blessings.
Roger, Youth Leader / Deacon
Coronado, CA

Pastor Lisa is a genuinely gifted speaker. God has blessed her with the rare ability of moving right past the surface of things to the deep places of the soul. There is no showmanship or pretense in Lisa’s delivery–if there were, she could never have so captured the attention of over one hundred homeless men and women at the soup kitchen I run. This is one tough audience! They can sense empty words and insincerity from a mile away. I was amazed to watch her bring this normally rowdy crowd to reverent attention. I have seen her minister to hungry and hurting souls with both the authority and sensitivity of Jesus. Pastor Lisa makes the gospel come alive because she has a deep commitment to Christ and a heart of compassion–and it shows.
Allen, Ladle Fellowship Soup Kitchen
San Diego, CA

Perhaps most central to Lisa’s success as a youth minister is her phenomenal skills as a teacher. The young people we minister to, regardless of their individual maturity, are, by the very fact of their adolescence, spiritual seekers. Thus, it is crucial that a youth minister be an excellent teacher, one who can guide the young people from the callow faith they arrive with as 7th graders to the adult faith they will take with them throughout the rest of their lives. Lisa is an exceptional teacher. She has a unflappable, commanding presence in front of the less mature junior-highers, presenting them with an organized, thoroughly-planned, and expertly executed two-hours of fun and worship.

The lessons she teaches speak clearly to the lives of these students, yet far from pandering to them as so many other youth ministers do, Lisa stretches them spiritually, challenging the easy attitudes which they have often received from society or their peers while encouraging them to find real answers to their dilemmas within a mature Christian faith.
Jason & Susie, Youth Leaders
San Diego, CA

We have been so very blessed by your talks this weekend. You are gifted abundantly by the Lord, Lisa. Thank you for being with us.
Presbyterian Church of the Master Women
Mission Viejo, CA

My husband and I have had the privilege of serving with Pastor Lisa for the past four years in her ministry here on the island. In addition to the amazing growth in our youth ministry, Pastor Lisa’s compassion for her flock is overwhelming. During this time, Pastor Lisa has helped two of our youth through the tragic loss of a parent and has pastored some very heartfelt memorial services. I even had a friend ask me who the ‘lady minister’ was at a friend’s memorial service that she attended. My friend couldn’t wait to come to the church to hear Pastor Lisa preach as well.
Sandra, Youth Leader / Elder
Coronado, CA

7Student & Parent Testimonials

Lisa and I have been through so many things and I don’t know where I would be in my life if it weren’t for her. She was always there for me when I needed her, especially when I felt that it was time for me to turn to God and let Him take the keys (letting God take control). Lisa did nothing but stand by my side and support me in every decision that I made. Thank you Lisa, you are the best example that I have ever met of what a Christian is supposed to be.
Ryan, High School Student
Coronado, CA

Our family of four was blessed to have Lisa Johnson involved in our lives. We have two daughters, ages 21 and 16 and met Lisa when our older daughter was 17. Lisa’s gift of working with youth is phenomenal. She is an excellent teacher, knows how to relate with the daily lives of teens, and is able to help them find the answers to their situations without lecturing. We have leaned on Lisa for guidance with both of our girls. On a personal level, I find myself looking to her for spiritual answers although she is young enough to be my daughter. My husband and I always come away better people after listening to her preach and have found much meaning in her guidance through scripture. Lisa is a young woman that people want to be near and to have involved in their lives.
Susan, High School Parent
Coronado, CA

Some people make big impacts in your life and you never forget them as long as you live. Lisa showed me God. I look back at how I was and how I am now. I have grown from a lost middle schooler to a confident young Christian. Lisa gave me the bike with training wheels on it to learn the ropes of my faith, and slowly she took off those training wheels to let me ride on my own and explore my faith with God at my side. Through much sorrow, patience, love and many tears, Lisa helped me become a firm believer. The love that she shows me is unconditional and I always feel the love of God through her. Thanks Lisa for impacting my life forever and for showing me my creator, my father, and my best friend.
Allyson, High School Student
Coronado, CA

8Wedding Testimonials | Photos

It was a wonderful experience having Pastor Lisa unite us in marriage. The moments we shared in our premarital counseling were insightful and extremely meaningful. Lisa also expertly guided us through the process of planning our wedding ceremony. Our ceremony was very personalized and very memorable for us. Lisa created a beautiful service that faithfully reflected Christ’s love and the love that we felt as a couple. She has a very comforting presence which allowed us to relax and enjoy our ceremony. Our wedding day was a joyous occasion and we are so grateful to have shared it with Pastor Lisa!
Joel & Heather
Coronado, CA

Thank you for making my ceremony what I have heard people call “the sweetest, most genuine and lovely ceremony” they have ever been a part of. You truly did make my wedding day so special – I don’t know how I could ever thank you enough. When I relive the ceremony in my heart and mind I get such goose bumps. I only wish that every couple could be as lucky as Charlie and I were to have you do the counseling and ceremony.
Charlie & Leslie
La Jolla, CA

Thank you so much for the fabulous job you did on our ceremony at the Hotel Del. You were the talk of the wedding! Everyone said you were wonderful and made the ceremony very personalized. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house when you read our “3 things” about each other. You made the beginning of our lives together a wonderful and memorable one. Thanks again.
Shary & Jenny
Coronado, CA

Pastor Lisa was personable, articulate, and well-prepared on our wedding day. She skillfully weaved the essence of our relationship into the ceremony and made it a day we will cherish forever.
James & Erika
Buellton, CA

I’ve performed many weddings at the Hotel del Coronado in Coronado, CA.